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25 Sep

I went in for my biopsy consultation yesterday and we finalized everything with the schedulers and insurance today. I’ll go in tomorrow, the 26th, at 1:15pm for the biopsy. It will be a short procedure and I will be able to go home not long after it’s been done. I’ll be awake for the biopsy, […]

What Lies Beneath

20 Sep

So, in my (prideful) effort to make these posts “just right” I failed to get them posted before my church’s missions conference last week. And then things got in the way and yadda yadda yadda. . . suffice it to say, lesson learned, and sorry for the unannounced hiatus. =) I suppose the biggest monster […]


6 Sep

I’ve said before that this battle I am facing is more than just a physical battle. I’ve mentioned a few times the terrible things–the sinful reactions–that rise to the surface of my heart. I have thought many times about not publishing this part of my journey. But in an effort to be as candid, transparent, […]