Archive | November, 2013

Truly Thankful?

27 Nov

In the light of the Thanksgiving season I have found myself pondering what it means to be really thankful. We are told in His Word that we are to give thanks ┬áin everything because that is the will of God for us (I Thess. 5:18). I think we can all agree it is super easy […]

Awaiting Results

25 Nov

Back waiting again until my appointment with the neurologist December 19th. Hopefully this biopsy will be what he needs to confirm the diagnosis and get us moving along the path again. I actually woke up during the biopsy (they didn’t put me completely under, and don’t worry, I couldn’t feel any pain!) and asked the […]

Let’s Try This Again

15 Nov

There is a saying that goes around when you have to keep trying something to get it right. “The third time is a charm.” Well, let’s hope that little quip doesn’t ring true in my life on Wednesday. When I saw the neurologist Wednesday, after all the exercises, he did say he wanted a second […]