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God’s Advice for the Seemingly Unbearable Circumstances

30 Aug

God has given me a situation that, unless by course of some wonderful miracle from Him, I will deal with for the rest of my life. And in this circumstance, He has been teaching me so much about who He is and how He loves and cares for His children–and so much more than I […]

Learning to Trust Even When It Doesn’t Make Sense

27 Aug

So, what is the biggest thing the Lord is teaching me? It’s probably one of the biggest lessons He wants you to learn, too. Though the circumstances God is using to teach me may differ from those He is using in your life, I am sure the lesson He wants me to learn is one […]

Where We Are Now

23 Aug

Our next step was to visit the MD clinic at Emory in Atlanta. The neurologists there examined me and told me they would like for me to have a muscle biopsy to try to understand what type of Limb Girdle MD I have. (For those unfamiliar with MD, there are many forms of MD and […]