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A More Appropriate Faith

17 Feb

I do apologize for the hiatus since my last biopsy. The results came back confirming the initial diagnosis of limb-girldle muscular dystrophy. We left the appointment with little new information other than it is okay for me to exercise and that they will see me on a yearly basis to monitor my progression and suggest […]

Playing the Waiting Game

6 Nov

Sometimes I feel like all I have been told to do in the past three years of searching for answers is to wait. “Let’s fix the thyroid problem and wait to see if that fixes the muscle weakness.” Fast forward 18 months. “Okay, it’s not the thyroid, go to this doctor in a month or […]

When Disappointments Abound

25 Oct

Outside of the doubt I have struggled with, I think I would say the biggest thing I have had to deal with is trying to learn how to take disappointments and give them to Jesus. Disappointments like being told that today, right now (unless God sends miraculous healing) is the strongest I will ever be […]