Controlling My Thoughts

30 May

I was scrolling on Facebook the other day and saw a post from a sweet friend about moving into a new place. Her praise about the new place was that she now had a bathtub and was one happy pregnant lady! I read on to see a comment from another sweet friend who is also […]

Loved Beyond Measure

11 May

Charlotte, my older daughter, has been dealing with a little bit of separation anxiety. So much so that she has even been refusing to do the things she most enjoys if mommy is not right there with her. Now if I were to ask Charlotte to tell you how she knows her mommy loves her, […]

What a Hike Taught Me

12 Mar

I have to admit that I struggle sometimes with writing. I know–obvious right? Just look at the sporadic nature of my posts lately. I find that I want to try to convey some deep or great spiritual truth that has been realized in my life (or at least something I see the Lord working on […]