6 Sep

I’ve said before that this battle I am facing is more than just a physical battle. I’ve mentioned a few times the terrible things–the sinful reactions–that rise to the surface of my heart.

I have thought many times about not publishing this part of my journey. But in an effort to be as candid, transparent, and truthful as possible in the hopes of helping any of you out there struggling with something that won’t be going away anytime soon, these things should be shared.

Disclaimer: Just because I share these things, it does not mean I live in them. It does mean, though, that when they rise up, I by God’s grace work to take every thought into captivity, confessing those things that don’t honor Christ and begging God to help me be more like Him.

Over the next few blog posts I want to deal with some of the reactions I have had–and in using the term¬†reactions I want to specifically deal with those things that come out almost instinctively¬†in a trying time–those things that rise up from the old man, from who I was before Christ saved me, the sinful things.

So, get prepared. The next few posts will be a little rough–and you’ll probably walk away from them not thinking so well of me.

But if I am going to tell my story, and if I am going to even attempt to show you how far the grace of God can carry you in an impossible situation you’re going to need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about it all. I by no means have arrived, but God has worked tremendously in my heart and life. I’d like to share with you God’s story through all this–His story of how He has taken a very ugly heart (that I very ridiculously thought was a pretty good heart until this trial came) and is working something beautiful in it. Not beautiful because it has anything to do with me, I tell you. If left just to myself, I’d still be wallowing in all the sinful reactions I will share with you next week. But beautiful in that He is a great God and is doing a great work in teaching me and loving me and growing me.

So, hang on. It will be a bumpy ride at first. But just wait till you see what God is doing. =)

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  1. Holly September 6, 2013 at 10:52 am #

    So thankful for your blog, and your determination to make much of God in this situation…looking forward to reading more about your journey, and what God is doing through you. Love you Friend.

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