The Road to Discovery Part 1 of 4

9 Aug

I suppose since muscular dystrophy is something a person is born with, there really is no true place to begin. Upon receiving the diagnosis, many things in my history I had at some point found puzzling made much more sense than before. More of that will come. For now, though, I suppose I will start a few months after Charlotte, my first child, was born. I don’t feel like I ever truly “recovered” from giving birth. Most women who have a child–even a first child–usually bounce back after a few days or a few weeks tops. At my six-week check up I was still having difficulty rising out of chairs, and picking up my little 8 pound baby from a position lower than waist high wasn’t a very comfortable thing for me. I can recall thinking “something is not right” when people would ask me at eight weeks after Charlotte’s birth why I was still walking funny. I didn’t realize my gait had changed so dramatically.

As time moved on, I was feeling more unstable and ┬ábecoming increasingly nervous about going up and down stairs. As others would see my attempt to climb up even a few steps, some would very caringly ask, “Are you ok?” “Did you hurt your back?” “Did you hurt your leg somehow?” I have a very distinct memory of being away at my church’s couple’s retreat (early March of 2011) and hearing that line of questions for the first time as I was attempting to get into one of the cabins. That moment was when I decided to start looking for answers.

So, I started doing some research. Online of course. Something no one should do unless they are prepared to be told that death is waiting just around the corner!

I held a lot of this in. I didn’t tell anyone I was researching–not even my husband. I did tell him that something was not right. But I didn’t want to tell anyone about my research, because let’s just admit it, we all wonder about “those people” who are always trying to find something wrong with their health! And I felt like I was being that person!

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  1. Val August 14, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

    May God be glorify!!! Very proud of you Kelli

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