The Road to Discovery Part 2 of 4

13 Aug

I kept researching. In late April of that year, my husband’s parents made a trip to visit us. I guess I couldn’t deny something was a bit off when they even noticed. I had no energy at the end of the day. I couldn’t move well. Things were difficult for me to say the least. Eight months after Charlotte had been born, I still had not “recovered.” One meal time when Robert was working, I sat down with my mother-in-law (who is a nurse) and told her what I suspected. I told her what I had been dealing with and what I had been researching. I asked her what she knew about muscular dystrophy–specifically the limb-girdle kind. She didn’t tell me much; though, I’m sure she could have told me more considering I found out much later that she cares for a patient with the same kind of muscular dystrophy I was suspecting in my own life. I sat down with Robert that evening and shared that my mother-in-law had suggested that I see a doctor to at least “rule out” the suspicion.

May 13, 2011 was the day I began my journey with doctors. I also found out that day that I was pregnant with my sweet little Annie. My doctor referred me to a neurologist and also discovered that I had a poorly functioning thyroid gland.

I began seeing the neurologist and an endocrinologist. Both agreed that in some cases a low functioning-thyroid gland could cause muscle weakness and decided that I should get my thyroid hormones regulated and hopefully we would see improvement in strength over time.

Robert and I were relieved to say the least–more like thrilled at the possibility that all I had been struggling with just might end up being a simple little fix.

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